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As a real estate broker for the better part of a decade I have come to learn that all business is based on marketing. This is not the marketing of properties or products but the continuous marketing to you as a potential client or customer. You can not leave your home without being bombarded by billboard signs, radio ads, cell phone pop-ups, etc. from somebody trying to get your attention for their benefit. Real estate is the essence of this. Every real estate website you visit will tell you they are the premier brokerage to work with --- they sell more properties, they work with more buyers, and they provide the best client service. How can everyone claim the same thing? This is the first question you need to ask yourself when looking for a skilled real estate broker. The second question is, "Why is everyone lying to me?" Third you need to think, "Maybe I should find a broker who doesn't lie to me in their intro."

I can tell you just like everyone else that I'm the broker you should be working with, but instead I'd rather just tell you about my core principals. No spin. Give it to you straight. Be honest. Treat others as you would like to be treated. My dealings over the years with other brokers has taught me that the majority of them don't have these principals. They're in it for the money first and in it for the money second. My beliefs are different. Treat your clients right and your business will be prosperous. Every time you shake someones hand know that this person has a beating heart just like yourself. Help them be successful and they will help you be successful. If this sounds right to you then I very well may be the right broker for you.

So who exactly is Mr. Chaddles? My actual name is Chad Myers and I'm a former Air Force Reservist and Boston area entrepreneur. I have a unique education in Community Studies with an emphasis on social media from the University of Massachusetts Boston. I designed, programmed, and maintain MrChaddles.com. I also maintain the Boston areas most captivating real estate Facebook Page at Facebook.com/MrChaddlesRealEstate and can be found tweeting with Mr. Buttersworth at Twitter.com/MrChaddles. I'm also an animal lover and invented "Mr. Buttersworth" not only to be Mr. Chaddles' sidekick but to also help promote homeless pet adoptions (www.mrchaddles.com/PetAdoptions). I always support our troops!

"If a real estate broker is not shaking a lot of hands he's not a very good real estate broker". ~ Mr. Chaddles

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