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Thank you for visiting my website. I am an expert property marketer with over a decade of experience in listing properties throughout Massachusetts. With over 1000 properties listed there are few who compare to my experience. Over the years I have developed tools and skills that set me apart from the competition. I self-taught myself web programming and built my website from the ground up. By not having a cookie-cutter website I am able to list properties that get indexed by Google which give my listings significantly more exposure. Very few have this capability. My understanding of real estate law and its real world applications has helped navigate many property owners to avoid legal pitfalls. I professionally manage properties and excel at mitigating disagreements between tenant and landlords. I have a large network of contractors ready to serve the needs of local property owners.

Since I list properties myself I am able to offer great rates to sellers. My expertise and military work ethic guarantees them to receive top dollar. For buyers I offer rebate incentives so not only do they have the confidence of a top professional assisting them they also close with a payment! My expertise in apartment rentals has been a godsend for many property owners as I am well-known to continually deliver excellent tenants. Owners I manage properties for can be assured their tenants communications are responded to quickly and professionally. When a perfectionist represents you good things happen. Whether it is a Somerville triple-decker you want to get top dollar for or a Cambridge two-bedroom that you need to ensure gets occupied by good tenants, I'm here to deliver for you.

Small Business Promoter:
Small business is the anchor of the American economy. From your neighborhood restaurant to your local realtor, it is time more than ever to help support one another. If there's any way I can help support you and any business or interests you may be participating in please reach out.

Military and First Responders Supporter:
I deeply appreciate all who sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. I was fortunate to have served in the Air Force Reserves and met so many amazing people doing extraordinary things. I offer rebates to active and inactive military members as well as first responders. Please inquire within, and thank you for your service.

Chess Strategist and Advocate:
I was fortunate to have been taught chess at a young age. Chess is much more than a game, it's a strategic conditioning of the mind that helps an individual to see moves in advance. This is extremely helpful in business and throughout life. Chess needs to be brought back to help new generations to critically think and to help them to succeed in life. I don't play as much as I used to as who can find time as a small business owner? But I thought if there's a way to include chess into my business then maybe I can find some time to play. In an industry first, I'm offering 0.25% off of my already low listing fees to anyone who can beat me in a game of chess. But if you loose the fee goes up by the same amount. Are you game?

Assisting in Dog Shelter Adoptions:
Since 2015 I have been routinely posting adoptable dogs on my website to help them to find their forever homes. Many still remember my sidekick Mr. Buttersworth as my adorable dachshund assistant when I first started into the business. Mr. Buttersworth is unfortunately no longer with us but his spirit lives on. Please adopt whenever possible. Mr. Buttersworth would thank you.

Other Worthy Highlights:
-Designed and maintain top Boston area real estate website featuring "Handpicked Hot Properties".
-Property manager with exceptional customer service.
-Expert email communicator and large volume email wizard.
-Understanding of real estate law and its real world applications better than most real estate lawyers.
-One of the most experienced with 4000+ property showings, 700+ contract signings, and countless handshakes.

Expert property listers. Many agencies don't handle marketing unfinished or messy units well. Often they won't post pictures of messy areas which can dramatically make a unit look smaller and less appealing. We don't have that problem. Professional image editing to market properties the right way.

Need to market the unit before remodeling? No problem.

Messy units are not an issue.

When tenants don't cooperate to clean-up for pictures we take care of it on our end.

"If a real estate broker is not shaking a lot of hands he's not a very good real estate broker". ~ Mr. Chaddles

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